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 Guangzhou Gao Jinda heat exchange technology co.LTD ,is located in the heart of the Pearl River Delta of Panyu District, Guangzhou City . Pro-related Guangzhou , Hong Kong , Macao , sea and land transport is very well-developed, Our Company is a heating and cooling equipment manufacturer of electroplating, chemical, plastics, printed circuit, optoelectronic and semiconductor.

the company as the guide to the scientific and technological development, bringing in foreign advanced technology and integrating domestic situation. Based on our professional technician's deep development, advanced manufacturing equipment and perfect after-sales service. Now, we have five major categories, dozens of specifications and a wide range of products on the market to need all kinds of customers' need, enjoy highly appraise.

Our company is ISO9000 quality system authentication enterprises, also, most of our products have through the EU market of mandatory CE Certification. With the market mature development, we followed management philosophy of "People-oriented, innovative, customer first'', carried forward the enterprise spirit of "Forge ahead with determination, unity and efficiency", we win customers' credibility and good reputation by "Excellent performance, exquisite technology, eye appeal, reasonable prices, attentive service and fully enthusiasm". Now we stay in the forefront of this industry.

With the pursuit of the courage to challenge forever, we will continue to develop initiatives and join hands in creating a win-win situation


Main Products

1.Teflon Heaters

2.Quartz heater

3.Titanium ,SUS304 and SUS316 stainless steel heater

4.Varieties of aluminum oxide rack, fixture and Titanium Standard parts

5.Various anodic titanium mesh, titanium mesh platinum, ruthenium iridium network, such as molybdenum, titanium copper, zirconium copper

6.Fluorine plastic, titanium, stainless steel heat exchanger

7.Heater temperature probe and over-temperature protection

8.Various sizes of titanium net basket, zirconium baskets, anode bag

9.Titanium BarTitanium standard fastenersTitanium sheetTitanium tubeTitanium wiresA variety of anode coatings


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